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The M. Rosenthal Company was founded in 1888 and originally provided letterpress printing and special die cutting for businesses in Cincinnati and its growing suburbs. A partnership of investors owned the company in 1944 when Ed Etter returned from the service to join the nearly defunct operation. He was soon made foreman and after demonstrating his vision and leadership was promoted to general manager. Not long after this promotion, Ed became a partner himself. As a result of his leadership, the company established the standard of service and quality that has built and maintained the business to this day.

Ed has always been dedicated to his customers, and this has been evident in his desire to grow with them and provide the services that they need. Shortly after becoming general manager, he added offset printing to the letterpress shop, for example, “Because the customers wanted it.” In 1976, the healthy and successful offset and letterpress company again responded to its market by entering the growing pressure sensitive label business, with the purchase of a six-color Mark Andy flexo press.

Ed Etter III, who joined his father in the early 1970’s, rose to the position of general manager, following Ed II’s decision to become a consultant in 1990. Under Eddie III’s leadership the company has continued to maintain its strong position in the industry by keeping its equipment up to date and well maintained. In 1992, the company expanded again when it moved from its 17,500 sq. ft. building to a modern 30,000 sq. ft. building. The new offices and plant were built for durability and growth, and the company is positioned to do just that. The company has experienced steady growth by maintaining traditional standards of quality and service, while offering innovations that customers expect.

M. Rosenthal Printing Cincinnati
Three generations of experienced leadership under one roof
Unmatched custome service
Unmatched customer service


For over one hundred years, the M. Rosenthal Company has provided high quality commercial and label printing along with responsive service to companies in the Tri-State area and throughout the Midwest. We have built a strong reputation as one of Cincinnati, Ohio’s finest and most dependable printing companies.

Our customers include manufacturers, food processors, banks, insurance companies, suppliers to the automobile industry, and many other small to large companies.


The M. Rosenthal Company is a company dedicated to keeping its commitments: its commitment to quality printing, its commitment to customer satisfaction and its commitment to growth. We will accomplish these commitments by hiring, training and encouraging our employees to become productive members of our company and community.

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